Your Data

FXU and the Students' Union have appropriate data sharing agreements with both Falmouth University and the University of Exeter that are aimed at making student life that little bit simpler.

A copy of the data sharing agreements can be found here:



Under the 1994 Education Act, all FXU students are automatically members of the Students’ Union at the point of enrolment so sharing certain information helps the Union provide membership services to you and other FXU students as efficiently as possible.


The information shared includes key data about you as a student but not anything deemed as ‘sensitive’ data under the 1998 Data Protection Act. Some sensitive data is, however, helpful to FXU in allowing us to ensure fair representation for all students, so we ask for your consent for each university to share data with FXU on disability, ethnicity and gender through their enrolment process.


When FXU receives your data, the information is transferred securely by FXU to the Students’ Union’s website provider (MSL) and it used to pre-register you with the Students’ Union. This means you don’t need to re-enter this information when registering on the Students’ Union website.


This makes it easier when joining the sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities provided by FXU, as well as enabling other online membership services and full participation in Students’ Union elections and student representation.


You may opt in or out of sharing your sensitive data with the Students’ Union at enrolment, or by contacting your university information officer at any time by emailing, at Falmouth or at Exeter


If you choose to opt out of membership of FXU ( then your basic data will cease to be held by FXU.


Data Protection Policies and Practice

Data Subject Access Requests

Use the Subject Access Request Form below if you want to find out if the UFXU holds any personal information about you.

You will need to sign the form and send it to us with: two pieces of identification to prove who you are a cheque for £10 made payable to "FXU". Once we have received your request with the required identification and the £10 fee we will respond to you within 40 days.


Further information about how we manage data.