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What is a Student Rep?

Every course and every year group has a ‘Student Rep’, who represents the students on their course through getting feedback, signposting, advising students on academic-related issues and attending meetings to put forward the students’ point of view. This year, FXU has taken a lead on the recruitment, training and support for Student Reps for both Falmouth and Exeter students, which is great news as it will bring Student Reps into the heart of FXU, creating an even stronger student voice. Lots of things will be similar to how it has ran before, it’s just now the student rep systems will be run in partnership between the universities and FXU and we can really work to create a system that benefits the student experience in the best way possible. It will be an exciting year!

Why be a Rep?

Student Reps can make a huge difference to the student experience of their peers and for the student body as a whole. They are a critical link in the dialogue between the Universities and their students, and the better the reps, the better the system! You’ll get plenty of help and support from your course tutors and from FXU including training and opportunities to present at conferences.

What makes a good Rep?

Reps are students who want to help effect change, not just moan about what’s not working. If you :

  • Publicise your role as rep.

  • Actively engage with your course group to get opinions, ideas and views.

  • Prepare for and attend meetings.

  • Engage with FXU, and then

  • Feedback any decisions, outcomes or progress to your peers

then you’re well on your way to being a great Rep!

What's in it for me?

Notwithstanding the feeling of satisfaction and the good karma points that come with stepping up and aiming to make a positive difference, you will be developing a great set of key skills in areas such as communication, negotiating and conflict resolution, networking, time management, leadership, public speaking and problem solving. These are all on employers lists of 'most wanted' skills, and having been a Rep you'll be able to show clear examples of putting such skills into action. Plus you'll get to meet up with the other Reps from across Falmouth and Exeter courses and extend your personal and professional networks; and we all know that it's not just what know but who you know that counts once you're out in the "real" world.

Becoming a Student Rep can be a really positive and fulfilling experience but like everything in life, you get out what you put in!

Here's the Student-Representative-Role-Descriptor to learn more about what the role entails.

And here's the Student Rep Handbook

Subject Chair info

Exeter students can see a short role descriptor for the Subject Chair role here and here's an example Blank-SSLC-Agenda-


If you have questions or just fancy a chat about the scheme then please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can :)