Please see the results for Exeter Course Reps below:


Business 3rd year Rep

Nami Daroowand

Business 3rd year Rep

Jashan Arora

Business 2nd year Rep

Haimeng Liang

Business 2nd year Rep

Noureldin Adib

Business 1st year Rep

Josephine Code

Business 1st year Rep

Tiago Drago Rose



Renewable Energy 1st year Rep

Charles Sumera



Maths 1ST year Rep

Chris Sinclair

Maths 1st year Rep

Joel Hooper


CSM - Mining


Mining 3rd year

Konrad Sanderson

Mining 3rd year

Scott Gregor

Mining 2nd year

Peter O’Hanlon

Mining 1st year

Thierry Gnimassou




Geology 2nd year Rep (Pure)

Alex Blackwell

Geology 2nd year Rep (Applied)

Sadie Fear

Geology 2nd year Rep (EGG)

Millie Scherewode

Geology 1st year Rep (Pure)

Annabel Maxted

Geology 1st year Rep (Applied)


Geology 1st Year (EGG)

James Rudland Barfoot

Post Grad CEMPS


Surveying & Land Management

James Heslington

Exploration Geology

Poppy Edgecombe

Mineral Processing

Mike Hawkins & Sajjad Jabarkhel



Enviro Science 1st year Rep

Martina Feltracco

BA Geog 2nd year Rep

James Westfield

BA Geog 3rd year Rep

Amy Clay



Conservation Biology & Ecology year 2 Rep

William Forbes

Evolutionary Biology year 1 Rep

Jake Creasy

Zoology year 1 rep (1 of 2)

T Jack (TJ)

Please note the vacancies for the following positions have been extended with nominations closing at 17:00 on Weds 10th October at

Marine Biology 1

Zoology 1


Professional Placement Outgoing

Human Science 1

Geography 1


Post Grad CLES


Conservation & Biodiversity

Veronica Zuccolo

Evolutionary & Behavioural Ecology

Abi Robinson



Humanities Employability Rep

Emily Chambers

History 2nd year Rep (1/2)

Melissa Watt

History 1st year Rep

Amelia Banton

History 1st year Rep

Jack Wilkins

English 2nd year Rep

Emily Brown

English 2nd year Rep


English 1st year Rep

Ashdone Khan

English 1st year Rep

Tiegan Meadows


Politics Employability Rep

Emma Tricco

Politics 1st year Rep

Mia Terra St Hill

Politics 1st year Rep

Munira Devey