Student Leadership & Representation


Student leadership and representation is provided by the FXU Leadership Team (FXU Presidents and Executive Officers), FXU Student Reps, FXU Committees and supported by FXU staff. The image below outlines how the different FXU student groups work together to ensure your voice is heard!


FXU Student Leadership & Representation


Overview of the roles

FXU Leadership Team includes FXU Presidents and Executive Officers.

FXU Presidents – these are full time, paid positions that any student can apply for. FXU has 4 Presidents: FXU President Falmouth, FXU President Exeter, FXU President Student Experience and FXU President Community and Welfare. The Presidents oversee strategic changes and liaise with senior staff.

FXU Executive Officers – these are volunteer roles that can be undertaken alongside your studies. Executive Officers manage specific projects and campaigns, supported by the FXU Presidents.

FXU Subject Chair - Exeter Subject Chairs oversee their subject’s Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), as well as being the key liaison point between the student body, FXU and College staff on academic related matters.

FXU Dept Chairs – Falmouth Department Chairs represent student views on academic related matters at their Department Board Meetings, as well as sharing best practice with other Dept Chairs at the FXU Department Chair Working Group.

FXU Course Reps – have an important communication role to play within their course, collecting feedback from students and informing them of decisions made at Student Staff Liaison Groups/Committees (SSLC/G)

FXU Committees - there are number of FXU committees that make sure that what we do supports and represents our students. The chair of each FXU Committee automatically becomes an Executive Officer, and represents the committee's views and opinions at FXU Leadership Team meetings.


Become a Student Leader or Representative

By getting involved with FXU as a student leader, or as one of the representative roles you will have the opportunity to add value to your qualifications by demonstrating to potential employers skills such as: Leadership, Communication, Social Media, Public Speaking and Networking.

Take a look at current roles being advertised on our elections page. If you are interested in leadership & enjoy decision making then get involved! Pop into the FXU office for a chat or email 

National Union of Students (NUS)

FXU, along with 600 other Students' Unions, is a member of the National Union of Students (NUS). This means that as a member of FXU, you are also a member of NUS unless you opt out. NUS represent 95% of the student population, which is more than seven million student voices. Find out more about NUS here.