Referenda - A proposal to influence the policy of FXU

This is an opportunity for any student to request that FXU take a specific action. It must be proposed formally as outlined below then put to the student vote. For the results to be actioned 2.5% of FXU members must vote. 

If you would like help submitting a referendum, drop into the FXU office or email


1. Referenda

A referendum is a ballot in which all FXU members are entitled to cast a vote (one member = one vote).

2. Calling a Referendum

     2.1 In accordance with the FXU Constitution, a Referendum can be called on any issue by:

2.1.1      A resolution of the Trustees;

2.1.2      A majority vote of the Student Council; or

2.1.3      A secure petition signed by at least 100 Members

     2.2    Any proposal / request for a referendum should be submitted by completing a FXU Referendum Proposal form , and include the specific text of the proposal to be put to the membership. It must also include the names and contact details of two FXU Members who will act as proposer and seconder of the proposal.

     2.3 Proposals are to be submitted to the FXU Elections & Democracy Committee who is responsible for facilitating a Referendum.

     2.4 Proposals / petitions must be submitted through the FXU website or in person through the FXU offices, for the attention of the Research & Engagement Co-ordinator.


Would you like to propose your own referendum?

Download a Referendum Proposal form HERE

If you would like help submitting a referendum drop into the FXU office or email 



Example of past Referenda:

Should FXU support the National Demo for free education - no fees, cuts and debt?

Click here for the full proposal.

Voting for this referendum has now closed.

The minimum number required (2.5% of the membership) for this vote to be valid was not reached, therefore this proposal has not passed and this referendum is void.

To clarify, FXU therefore will not be supporting this proposal or the National Demo on Wed 19 Nov. However, students are of course still welcome to attend and support the demo of their own accord. The minimum number of students needed for this vote to be valid was 150 in total. The number of students who voted in total was 81.

What was happening?

Student, Alex Falconer, made a proposal to go to an FXU referendum (an all student vote), which was for FXU to support the national demo for free education - no fees, cuts and debt. The proposal was seconded by a petition of 100 current students of Falmouth and Exeter. It was up to you as students to find out both sides of the argument and vote to decide.

What national demo?

A national demonstration was called on Wednesday 19th November 2014 under the banner of 'Free Education: No fees. No cuts. No debt'.

The coalition of groups involved in calling the demonstration includes the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), the Student Assembly Against Austerity (the student wing of the People's Assembly) and the Young Greens.

What does this mean for FXU?

If the majority of students who voted back this proposal, it would become an FXU policy - mandating FXU to follow the actions stated in the proposal such as supporting the national demo on 19 Nov; organising transport to the demonstrations to ensure the maximum participation of students from our universities; and supporting NUS' new campaign for free education.

If the majority of students who voted were against this proposal, then FXU wouldn't be mandated to follow it.

The vote was open to all current students of Falmouth University and University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses.