Constitution Bye laws and Trustees Code of Conduct

You can read the FXU Constitution, Bye Laws, and Trustee's code of conduct here. These form the FXU governing documents, which sets out how FXU supports and represents students in Cornwall.



To make changes to the FXU Constititon bear in mind:

  • The FXU constitution is a legal document, and is reviewed every five years by the Trustees and Falmouth University and University of Exeter. The next review should take place in 2018.
  • The constitution cannot be changed in a way that would stop FXU from being a charity.
  • Changes to clause 3 and 5 need to be approved by the Charity Commission.

So, keeping this in mind, you can still make changes to the FXU constitution by proposing a motion at a general meeting, or through the referenda process.

Bye Laws

To make changes to bye laws then submit a proposal to the Leadership Team. This then needs to be approved by FXU trustees.