Research and Engagement

Throughout the year, FXU collects feedback from students to influence decisions made by the Universities on issues that affect students. If more students provide feedback then this increases the weight of that feedback. Therefore, research and engagement go together. The level of your engagement with FXU is feedback that tells us how well we are doing.

FXU encourages all students to participate in providing feedback, particularly focussed on the following two areas:


All of the different ways you can tell FXU your feedback

You can give us feedback anonymously on this website

You can contact one of your officers - officers represent you at Student Council so let them know what you think!

You can contact one of your presidents - you are welcome to pop into the FXU offices, and some presidents also run drop ins and face-to-face informal sessions.

You can vote on the Make a Change Tab - while you just need 25 more likes than dislikes for an idea to reach student council, having many hundreds of votes is better evidence of student opinion so cast your vote!

Take part in the annual FXU survey - this helps us to find out what you think of FXU and how your student union should develop over the following year.

You can attend a General Meeting - this is where all and any students can let FXU know what you think of policies, decisions. Any student can suggest agenda items, submit a motion, question your representatives and vote on motions proposed by fellow students. A minimum number of students are required at a meeting for the decisions made there to be binding on FXU, and so the more students who attend the better!

You can vote in a referenda, or even propose one! This is a proposal that needs as many students to vote on it outside of a general meeting. Again a minimum number of students are required to vote for this proposal to be passed.




















Feedback on your Student Experience is collected by elected reps and taken to Student Council meetings where FXU elected officers work to give you the best experience on and off campus (see below diagram).

You can also make change happen at any time by using the 'Make a Change' tab of the website!

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Feedback on your Academic Experience (anything course related) is collected by Course Reps and taken to Student Staff Liaison Committee/Groups (SSLC for Exeter Students / SSLG for Falmouth Students).


This dialogue allows staff and Course Reps to improve the academic experience throughout your course of study (see below diagram).


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