FXU Leadership Team 2017/18 Results

Many thanks to everyone who voted in this election, we had a total of 3514 votes cast. Congratulations to the following successful students who will join the FXU Leadership Team 2017/18:

  • Student Voice Chairperson (recruited by interview) - MR OLIVER MAS
  • Education Officer Exeter - SAJJAD JABARKHEL
  • Postgraduate Research Exeter - MISS REBEKAH TREHERN
  • Postgraduate Research Falmouth - MR CIARAN CLARKE
  • Open Exeter - MR HUSSEIN ALI
  • Community Officer - MR HARRISON MCLADY
  • Environment & Ethics Officer - MISS ABBIE BANNER
  • International Officer - MISS JACQUELINE GAIM-MARSONER
  • Widening Student Participation Officer - MR IGNATIUS PARK
  • Faith Chair (recruited by interview) - TOM CRANE
  • Liberation Chair (recruited by interview) - MISS ZAINAB SHAUKAT
  • RAD (Raise & Donate) President - MISS CALLIE EDWARDS
  • Volunteering Officer - MS LYDIA ALLEGRETTO
  • Societies Officer - MISS SARAH REDMAN

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Exeter Course Reps and Subject Chairs Election Results

Huge thanks to everyone who ran for a position, click here to see the results exeter-reps-chairs-results-

FXU President Elections 2017/18 Results

(Spring Term 2017)

The results are in for the FXU President Elections 2017/18! 2945 students voted, which is 37% of the student population!



Below are the results of each position in the FXU Presidential Team 2017/18 including a full breakdown of the rounds for each position.


FXU President Exeter

The elected FXU President Exeter 2017/18 is Dean Pomeroy.


FXU President Exeter 2017/18

You can see the breakdown of each voting stage here


FXU President Falmouth

The FXU President Falmouth 2017/18 is Chris Slesser.


FXU President Falmouth 2017/18

You can see the breakdown of each voting stage here. 



FXU President Student Experience

The FXU President Student Experience 2017/18 is Jamal Clarke.


FXU President Student Experience 2017/18

You can see the breakdown of each voting stage here. 



FXU President Community & Welfare

The FXU President Community & Welfare 2017-18 is Harry Bishop.


FXU President Community & Welfare 2017/18

You can see the breakdown of each voting stage here


FX thanks U

A big thank you all the candidates, voters and everyone involved in this year’s FXU President Elections.


The Vote System for Elections

For these elections, we have used the Alternative Transferable Vote system where voters rank candidates according to their preference. If one candidate receives half + 1 of all the votes cast, they are automatically elected. If no candidates receive half + 1, the election goes to rounds. In each round, the lowest-place candidate is removed, and every vote for them is re-allocated according to the second preference of each voter. This continues until one candidate reaches the minimum number of votes required.


FXU Leadership Team Elections 2016

(Summer Term 2016)


The following students have been elected to the FXU Leadership Team 2016/17:

Liberation Committee:

Well done to everybody who participated!


More Info

If you have any questions regarding elections please email your Student Voice Team at  studentvoice@fxu.org.uk