FXU Committees

To spead the workload, FXU has a number of committees that make sure that what we do supports and represents students in Cornwall.

FXU has the following committees:

FXU Board of Trustees - oversee FXU's business and ensure we comply with Charity Commission rules and the law.

FXU Leadership Team - The FXU Leadership Team represents you (the students at Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses).  The Leadership team is there to listen to you and speak on your behalf to the University and other institutional bodies.

Elections & Democracy Committee - The FXU Elections & Democracy Committee makes sure that FXU Elections are run fairly.

Liberation Committee - The Liberation committee is here to work towards the equality of all students on campus, including representing marginalised / under-represented groups.

Faith Committee - The Faith committee is here to support students with faith.


Quick guide to: FXU Committee development

FXU committees are recommended to have a maximum of 12 members and exist to organise, act on and take responsibility for their area of work. If you think that there needs to be a new committee, get in touch with studentvoice@fxu.org.uk.

Committees require terms of reference outlining:

  • Remit of the committee/forum
  • Membership of the committee/forum (see below table)
  • Attendees (where appropriate)
  • Meetings (recommended 2 per term)
  • Chair & minute taking
  • Reporting




Automatically becomes a member of  FXU Exec Committee



At least 2 open positions

This allows Falmouth & Exeter students to join open roles

Other positions as relevant


  • If a member misses 3 consecutive meetings the chairperson may revoke their membership
  • All members are expected to attend the FXU Annual General Meeting (AGM & UGM)


All committees must commit to the FXU equality Statement of intent.

Quorum for all meetings is 50% + 1





All decisions are made by simple majority vote

Reporting – Shall report regularly to the FXU student council via chairperson

Terms of reference submitted to Student Council & Board of Trustees for approval.