FXU represents you (the students at Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses). The student voice is the heart of everything we do! Although we are quite a small students' union, we have one of the highest levels of student participation in the country. Your FXU Leadership Team, including your elected FXU (Sabbatical) Presidents are there to listen to you and speak on your behalf to the University and other institutional bodies. FXU works hard to ensure your voice is heard!


There are loads of ways to get your voice heard whilst you're a student. Our Student Voice team are here to help you get the most out of your experience! Find out more below:


How to get your voice heard



FXU Student Reps

Every course and every year group has a 'Student Rep' who represents the students on their course by getting feedback, signposting, advising students on academic issues, attending meetings to put forward the students' point of view and feeding back to their peers any academic news or items for discussion.

Find out more about Student Reps here or email hannah.partington@fxu.org.uk


FXU Executive Officers

Our team of Executive Officers lead on projects that impact the students' experience on campus, in the local community and on a national level.

Find out more about Executive Officers here or email studentvoice@fxu.org.uk .


FXU Presidents

There are four sabbatical FXU Presidents who are paid £19k per year to represent your views. Any student can stand for election. You don't need to have any experience of being involved with FXU previously.

FXU President Exeter

FXU President Falmouth

 FXU President Community & Welfare

FXU President Student Experience

Find out more about FXU presidents here

The presidents sit on the FXU Leadership Team, along with the exec officers and other elected officers. Find out about the FXU Leadership Team here.


National Union of Students (NUS)

FXU, along with 600 other Students' Unions, is a member of the National Union of Students. This means that as a member of FXU, you are also a member of NUS unless you opt out. They represent 95% of the student population, which is more than seven million student voices. 

Find out more about NUS here.




  Method   How can I do this?
  FXU Make a Change tab

   Available 24hrs 365 days a year

  Communicate with your Course Rep    Provide positive or negative feedback on your academic experience and suggest      improvements or solutions 
  Request that FXU hold a Referendum*

   For big decisions that require FXU to amend its priorities or strategy

  Work with the FXU Presidents
  and Officers
   Influence the work of the volunteer and full-time FXU Leadership Team
  FXU Presidents' drop in sessions    Call into the FXU office or one of the President's scheduled open office sessions

* A referendum is a formal proposal to influence FXU policy – all FXU members are entitled to cast a vote on the proposal





These are the avenues available for students to provide your feedback and opinions:

UGM AGM Research survey or questionnaires

Make a Change Tab

If you would like more information on how to get involved with any of the areas above, please email us or pop into the FXU office.