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Salut les mecs! Bienvenue au site officiel de Les Républicains.

Kehaval on ni oll a-rag tonn?

We’re a society that seeks to promote the values of French Republicanism, and peculiarly French ways of doing things, across campus.

So why not join us as we enjoy wine and cheese whilst striking for no apparent reason?

Or perhaps you’d care to talk vaguely about French Programmes on Netflix, whilst lunching?

Or better yet, why not join us in laughing at the Political Societies which don’t rely solely on invoking the spirit of De Gaulle?

For all this, and more, we entreat you join Les Républicains.


Plus we're just better than the Conservatives and the Liberals.


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Meetings are held at irregular intervals, such is our tradition.

Members will be informed of such meetings, which will happen no less than once a fortnight.