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Here at THPS we provide a fun and welcoming enviroment in which our members can socialise and explore the world of Harry Potter through Film screenings, D.A Meetings, S.P.E.W sessions and trips all over Cornwall and the UK. Come earn your OWLS or NEWTS with our Hogwarts themed lessons, win prizes with our exclusive Triwizard Tournament events, and celebrate Christmas with us at The Yule Ball!

During the year, we invite you to explore the magic of Cornwall with Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology trips. Or range further afield with our annual trip to the Warner Brother's Studio Tour.

Packed with regular events and sessions, THPS is dedicated to bringing a little magic to your university experience. 

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Harry Potter Meetings:

Wednesdays 6.30-9pm

Wednesday 4th October, until Wednesday 13th December

Wednesdays 10th January, weekly until Wednesday 21st March

Peter Lanyon Seminar 3

*PLEASE NOTE Wednesday 11th October is in DM Lecture A for the Sorting Event!*