The Force Academy


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Our Star Wars society focuses on providing an immersive experience through a mixture of role-playing, training and competitive combat using custom made performance quality sabers. The sabers we use are sparring strength with heavy grade blades to withstand hard hits. Our activities kick off in October 1st and our Freshers Demonstration for new members is on the 27th of September. If you like Star Wars or Duelling come and join, it doesn't matter it you don't know anything about the universe or the combat, we pretty much start everyone from scratch. 

We run a year long training course for members during their first year that introduces them to the lore, theory and practical basics of lightsaber combat. Once the 1st form is mastered we move onto the others and allow members to focus on specialising in a form they're most comfortable with using, meaning that they can spar and advance their skills, developing a unique style of combat. 

Email us if you have any questions or queries about the society or what we do!



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Force Academy Meetings:

Mondays 6 - 9pm

1st October, weekly until 10th December in Peter Lanyon Seminar 9

28th January, weekly until 18th March in Peter Lanyon Seminar 9


Force Academy Training/matches:

Saturday 3 - 5pm

13th October AMATA Studio C

10th November AMATA Studio B

24th November AMA Studio B

1st December AMATA Studio B

8th December AMATA Studio B