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Truro MedSoc is a society that is, despite its name, for absolutely everyone! We want to create more integration and cohesion between years on the Truro Campus and to encourage students to branch out and feel connected to the Penryn Campus. 

We also want to give back to the community and we will do this by providng charity events aimed at suporting the local homeless charity St Petroc's and the slightly further a field charity MESHE (Medical Education, Sanitation and Health in Ethiopia) that already has links with the medical school. that will bring several years together.

We will of course run social events, both drinking and non-drinking to appeal to a wide range of people and cater to all needs. Sports are always a good way of integrating people who otherwise do not know each other so we hope to offer lots of opportunities for students to take part in sport.

Truro MedSoc will also provide extra-curricular teaches from clinicians in the hospital- the aim of this is to try and maintain equality with our counterparts in Exeter who have a well estabished society that provide and organise teaches. 

Truro MedSoc can provide a platform for informing the KSpa students of what is going on at Penryn Campus, as we are sometimes slightly out og the loop in Truro. In time, our society will hopefully span to great involvement with Penryn Campus, to make everyone's experience in the outer reaches of South West, the best it can be!


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Truro MedSoc Meetings:

Knowledge Spa, Treliske

Contact the committee via facebook or email for more infomation.