Hispanic Society


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We have created the FXU Hispanic Society in order to give other students the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic heritage and educate those inspired and interested by it. We want to include all those who want to learn and celebrate this culture through movie viewings, food tasting, parties ,music and gathering all of those Hispanic or not to practice Spanish and celebrate National Holidays. Moreover, it would also be a great opportunity for Hispanic students to feel comfortable in a familiar atmosphere even though they are far away from home.


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Hispanic Meetings:

Wednesday4th October


Food tasting in Daphne du Maurier Seminar I

Tuesday 17th October and Tuesday 14th November


Film night in Peter Lanyon Lecture 2

Friday 19th January

10pm - 3am

Fun Rum and Sun at Fives

Wednesday 7th March


Film night in Daphne du Maurier Lecture A