New Kit & Merchandise for your Club

Have you spotted the new FXU & CSM Sports stash this year?

The new FXU Sport was designed by Jen Marsden, a third year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student, in a bid to rebrand and unite our sports teams under one strong image. The logo means many things: there is the Cornish flag and within it lies the hammer to represent the mining industry in Cornwall; the book to represent the academic excellence of our two universities; the palm tree as a symbol of Falmouth and the bird is the Cornish Chough. Every student group can personalise the clothing with the name of their activity underneath the logo, and the logo would be applied to navy and amber attire, which are our union colours.

We currently have 20 sports clubs using our team store and there is also a section for generic FXU and CSM merchandise. Any student can purchase an item from our store. We have hoodies, fleeces, track tops, shorts, track bottoms, beanies, t-shirts, polos, skorts and base layers.

You can log on and purchase an item at any time and your item will arrive in two weeks to your chosen address, with free delivery on all orders over £50. You can also add initials to the sleeve and committee roles on the back! We are going to make FXU trendy and professional, so if you want to rock your stash in pride on and off campus, make sure you get something!