‘Vulnerability Is Power’: Falmouth Student Starts Innovative Campaign

 ‘Vulnerability Is Power’: Falmouth Student Starts Innovative Campaign

One of the entrepreneurs from Falmouth’s Business School has set up The White T-shirt Campaign to help students and young people to start talking about their well-being.

The mental health campaign involves women sharing their stories about their own mental health in an attempt to empower them. Through pictures and blog posts the campaign aims to create a space on social media where people feel free to be open and honest – a rarity in the largely ‘edited’ world we currently live in.

The white t-shirts show controversial slogans that aim to spark conversations, the first being ‘Vulnerability Is Power’. This explores the challenges and benefits of opening up about what you’re feeling. All profits from the t-shirts are going towards local charity CRASAC – helping the vulnerable to regain their power.

The social entrepreneur behind the idea, Gracie Sodzi, set this up after longing for a campaign that was fashionable and stylish but that also made a difference. Having set up her social enterprise aged 18 and having run mental health workshops, now 21, she felt the need to run an online campaign to reach as many people as possible.

The campaign is running their first workshop during Mental Health Awareness Week (14th-21st May). The workshop will involve people sharing their stories, creating content for the campaign and having a good laugh. It is, in essence, a mental health workshop, but with a difference.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the workshop and the campaign, follow the links below to the company’s website and social media. If you fancy contributing to the campaign, Gracie would love to treat you to a coffee and chat!


Facebook and Instagram - @thewhitetshirtcampaign