Thoughtfeed- June 9th

Thoughtfeed is a new monthly talks series organised by FXU’s Postgraduate Research Officer for Falmouth University’s postgraduate student and staff community. 

Our next session is June 9th 1:30-2:30, Sandpit AIR Building, Penryn Campus and we welcome Dr. Erik Geehoed, who will be presenting a talk entitled: "How Casual are Casual Gamers?"
Casual gaming has been hugely successful (to the tune of billions of turnips, Euros, dollars, yen, pounds etc.).  There is some speculation as to who and what the casual gamer is and why they game so casually. But how casual are casual gamers? In a stratified approach we compared games designers with rich and poor consumers and segmented our sample of 55 casual gamers along some interesting dimensions.

Previous speakers include-

Ciaran Clarke: Mascots 0-0 Respect: The Curious Incident of the Dog on the Halfway Line

Andy Piesely: Developing masks as pedagogy, for learning to manage diversity in personality preferences, when leading and working with others, using Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Erik Geehoed: Networked Performances: Getting Close and Interactive

Anna Mankee-Williams: 

Neil Fox: Practice, Publishing and Pedagogy: Traversing Academia in the Early Career


Please bring along your lunch, and listen as staff and students offer presentations and discussions on their areas of research, a particular passion, or a tangent.

If you are interested in presenting at a future ThoughtFeed, please email Ciaran Clarke-