Sci-Fest 2018

Get exSCIted about Wild Doc Soc’s biggest event of the year... Sci-Fest! This is a WHOLE WEEK dedicated to the importance of sharing science and research with the world. How will change be possible if nobody knows about the research we do? How would people know about the effects of climate change, the impact of plastic pollution, illegal wildlife trade and all the other big global issues, if they weren't communicated with the world? And how would we expect change to happen without the support of everyone else?

This is where Sci-Fest comes in,  with a whole range of activities to promote the importance of science communication and inspire you to get your work out there!


Researchers sometimes struggle at getting their work out there, but instead rely on JOURNALISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, FILM MAKERS, ARTISTS and more to help them promote it. This week is about celebrating the work of entire communities and degrees and linking up subject areas to make change happen!

So, get involved! This is the outline of the week so far:

MONDAY 12th: Miranda Krestovnikoff Guest Speaker

6:30-7:30pm Chapel Lecture Theatre

President of the RSPB, queen of all things marine, host of COAST, Countryfile and The One Show - this talk is not one to be missed! EVERYONE WELCOME!

Tickets available here

Miranda Krestovnikoff guest lecture

WEDNESDAY 14th: Comedy Night with Simon Watt

Back by popular demand, The Ugly Animal Preservation Society’s professor of comedy, Simon Watt (Inside Nature’s Giants, The Infinite Monkey Cage) is bringing comedy back to campus with his new, adults-only, stand up lecture. Simon explores why frogs are better than most people he knows and how studying them has changed the world. Renowned for bringing the Blobfish the fame, love and respect it deserves, Simon's mix of Science and laughs is not one to miss! 

With a FREE WORKSHOP for WildDocSoc members! More info to follow.

Tickets available here.  

THURSDAY 15th: Sci-Talks 

Giving students the chance to take the stage and talk about matters they are passionate about in a TED-style event!

This will be FREE TO ATTEND FOR ALL so come along and hear about some great work our students are doing here! 


FRIDAY 16th: Nation-wide Film Screening of 'Chasing Coral' 

We have teamed up with many different societies around the UK to show an award-winning documentary, highlighting the impact science communication can have on the world. Chasing Coral is about the issue of reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

This is a FREE EVENT with FREE SNACKS and is open to everyone, as we want as many people to see this incredible documentary as possible! Bring your housemates, coursemates, family and friends and be part of something BIG. 

Chasing Coral screening

SATURDAY 17th: Wild Film Fest 

Wild Film Fest is back for the fourth annual celebration of student wildlife storytelling and all things nature! 

Our filmmaking and photography competitions provide students with a platform to showcase their hard work and passion for wildlife media. We invite students and public alike to join us on 17 March in a special evening showcasing some of the best entries and unveiling the winners of the competition! 

Venue: The Poly in Falmouth, Cornwall. 
Doors to the photography exhibition open at 6pm
Event starting at 7pm

Tickets are £5 for students and £8 for non-students. Available in The Poly or on their website.

Wild Film Fest

So, don't forget to get your tickets to prevent you from missing out! It's going to be a WILD week!