Recent success stories

Since the start of the academic year, your FXU Presidents have already ticked off a number of manifesto points, working in partnership with Falmouth and Exeter Universities. We have achieved some real successes and have some fantastic stories to share. Take a look at some of the news from last term:

Intramural expansion


A sports and societies initiative proposed by Jamal Clarke, Student Experience President in his manifesto. The expansion and refinement of intramural has established a weekly Basketball opportunity along with 5-a-side football leagues. It has also made involvement in these sports more affordable, increased opportunity for involvement and thus increased participation.

Key Impacts

Participation Increase

  • 120 people have been playing football on Fridays who wouldn’t have been doing it before
  • 20 teams involved - a significant increase from the eight teams last year. Participation has gone up by 250%

Accessibility and affordability

  • Cheaper - A decrease from from £80 to £25 entry fee per team. Following this there’s the £10 per match per team, which works out as £2 per person per week. Last year you had to pay for both terms, whereas intramural has prevented this monetary commitment being biannual.


  • The league is twice as long (intramural has extended the league into the second term as a result of high demand). This results in an increase in football opportunity throughout the year

Testimony of success:

  • “If you want something to improve, manage it yourself ” - Jamal Clarke, FXU President Student Experience
  • “As the captain of Not Very Atletico, the only team that has been here for four years, we really love the new environment: fun, dynamic and much more competitive! It reflects the growth in the campus, but also how people are willing to commit more if they value the tournament more! The intramural is now something we look forward to every week, a space of joy and sport that is well needed during my studies in Cornwall, particularly as a stress-relief from my Masters!” - Matias Bertola, Intramural Football Captain

Intramural Sport

International Festival


A collaboration between the four campus partners, in alignment with International Student's Day, to celebrate "an international and diverse student experience"


  • Tuesday 14 November - Study Abroad Fair (stalls, opportunity to talk to returning study/work abroad students and Exeter Panel wherein individuals spoke in more depth about their experiences)
  • Wednesday 15 November - FXU Celebrations (International Society meeting, sport activities, Football World Cup and international Quiz)
  • Thursday 16 November - exhibition of competition entries on what it means to be international, placements abroad event for third year Falmouth students
  • Friday 17 November - Iinternational stories event, Library displays and activities


The International Festival (IF) really had a two-pronged remit:

1. To celebrate the diversity of our Cornwall campuses and student population/experience

2. Offer opportunities to encourage Home students to seek out an international experience


  • A fantastic collaboration between all four partners on campus (UoE, Falmouth Uni, FXU and FXPlus)
  • The entirety of activities were organised within only a few weeks' notice, centred around an intention to celebrate International Students' Day on the Friday.
  • On Tuesday 14 November, The Study and Work Abroad Fair took place in the Compass, wherein returning students from study abroad shared experiences, opportunities for studying and working abroad were explained, and the application process made transparent. There was a fantastic turnout - the Career-Zone clicking-in a minimum of 361 students.

Testimony of Success:

"I’ve always wanted to study abroad and I was really glad to have heard about the event. I saw a few people there that I’d already talked to and who had told me about their international experiences, but it was really incredible to see their pictures and hear them explain, in depth what it’s like to study abroad. I love these kinds of events because you always discover aspects that you hadn’t thought of before, even though you might think you’re super prepared" - Thais Cardon, 2nd Year English Literature Student at Exeter, speaking about the International Stories event.

International Festival

Voices Project Launch and Volume 1: Black History Month


Launch party held in the AMATA Cafe on Tuesday 24 October, for the ongoing collaborative project between FXU, HerCampus and the Falmouth Anchor, seeking to create a space for liberation and celebration for authentic voices which may have previously been lost amongst the noise.

HerCampus piece on the event and project

Voices 1

Voices Volume 2: Interfaith Launch


An intimate evening in the interfaith chaplaincy for those who involved in the second volume of the anthology, along with any close friends they wished to bring along. FXU team members were also present among others.

HerCampus piece on the event and subject matter

Voices 2

Global justice Now Talk, with Guest Speakers Sibongile Tshabalala and Ed Lewis


A talk, held in Falmouth Campus Lecture Hall 1, on Friday, 10 November 2017 at 17:30–21:00 hosted by FXU Global justice Now Society


  • Bringing such a prolific campaigner, based in South Africa and the national organiser of Global Justice Now was an achievement in itself
  • The talks were enlightening, pairing personal testimony of campaign, and the direct impact of the pharmaceutical landscape in SA, with more statistical and case-study based information on a global scale
  • The attendance cumbers were impressive
  • The talk was followed by a Campaign Training session on in Falmouth Campus Lecture 2, providing attendees with the toolkit for effective activism


"[It's] vital for students to get involved in such campaigns as it's in their heads to change the future...I encourage everyone to join and participate with global Justice now” - Sibongile Tshabalala

HerCampus article on the event  

Keep an eye on the website for more news as it happens.