Penryn Rugby Football Club Undergraduate Volunteer Opportunities

Hayley Curtis, FXU Sports Manager, has recently been meeting with Penryn Rugby Club, who have had a restructure and now have a wide range of opportunities that they would like to collaborate with FXU on. They see this as a great opportunity for the community to benefit from students' knowledge and additional support from volunteers, as well as students having an opportunity outside of their course to further develop their skills and build their CVs. They have already had students volunteer this year and take photos for their fixtures.

Below is a list of opportunities that the club are hoping to find support with. Trev is more than happy to come up to the University and meet with you to discuss any of these opportunities further. His email address is:

The Need

We have a vision at Penryn to ‘provide rugby to the highest possible level, for the people of Penryn and the surrounding villages’. Our club is built from the ground up with a One-Club ethos that feeds a steady stream of home-grown youth players into the senior sides. We want to reach out to friends in the community and in particular students at our surrounding Universities to help support our future achievements, and in so doing support your future academic and career developments. Undergraduates looking to augment their studies with practical experiences of small projects in a safe and supporting environment will in turn receive a broad range of benefits, as the club's profile increases and we gain exposure across the south west and beyond. It is going to be a wonderful rollercoaster ride with many challenges and adventures ahead and we want you on board this journey with us. The opportunities are listed below; we’d love to hear your views?

The What

Project 1 - TV Channel

We need your help and expertise to set up a TV channel - match day live streaming, pre and post-match interviews, highlights, game play capture for technical analysis, the scope is endless. We want our rugby consumers to visit our channel and tell others so that it becomes their channel of choice! You’ll be developing our brand and channel from scratch, so can look at this as exciting learning lab. You can be malleable in your approach to both the content and design of the channel and won’t need to be concerned with acquiring thousands of friends and subscribers right away! The early days can be used to test, gather insights, and see what works for the channel and what doesn’t. This will give you the chance to change, tweak and optimise without a huge investment of time and money.

Project 2 - Historical Film

We want to commission the production of a short film charting our history.  As Cornwall’s oldest club in the town that founded the oldest academic seat of learning- Glasney College, the community impact is potentially massive! The story is at the heart of this opportunity and you will have full control over shaping, planning, characterisation, scripting, storyboards, production and distribution. You will piece together the beginning, middle, and end of our story and meet some wonderful local characters along the way.

Project 3 - Match Programme

We want to provide a quality match programme which includes news, features and articles from club coaches, players and people in the community. We need your help in the design, editing and production stages. You will have control to develop how the pages are laid-out, become part of the editor and sub editor team and open up new business marketing opportunities.

Project 4 - Match Day Photography

We feel that sports photography is fantastic for capturing the positive experience at our match events, which is why we’re asking for professional help – you! From shots of advertising boards, banners on the floodlights, the stands, items of stock in the club shop, plus a multitude of people and things around the Club as well as the match day ‘stuff’ which, in itself, goes much further than the game. Seldom will a home game go by without a presentation of some sort, a mascot who has photos with his favourite player and with the referees and captains at the toss, a kids’ team as guests or taking special guests in the Clubhouse and, of course, the Man of the Match presentation. From the first visit to the field before kick off to the final whistle, it’s always a busy afternoon

Project 5 - Match Day reporting

Watching sport and writing about it is a dream job for many people, but your challenge is to write a really good report which tells the story of the match and really makes the reader feel like they were there – fancy it? You will need to find out about the players, managers and the situation of teams involved. Do you know the significance of the result? Is the coach under pressure? Is a young player being talked up for greater things? All this information will help you write reports - making it more interesting than a list of "this happened, then that happened, then this other thing happened...” By taking on this opportunity you will learn to plan, take notes and tell a story in a balanced way.

Project 6 – E-commerce Online Retail

Opening an online store is significantly less expensive than operating a brick and mortar shop and we’re looking to set up our own online retail presence, where we would sell our merchandise and products. We recognise that from a single site we could have huge reach and make our online sales grow. This is an excellent start up, run and operate project giving you experiences in setting up websites, developing product ranges and sales functionality, shipping and taxes, marketing and metrics. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to promote those ‘overperforming’ categories, and re-position ‘underperformers’ that that aren’t doing as well. What’s more, these changes to your categories will require little or no website development. If this interests you we would be willing to discuss incentives such as profit sharing.

Project 6 – Case Studies - Events Management and Renewables

Events Management – we run many events (small, medium, large) over the year and would be happy to provide project/field/case study experience to students, ranging from observation to complete control.  

Renewables - we’ll be embarking on multiple build projects over the next 2 years which could be used as renewables’ case studies, for example carbon reduction.

The Benefit

Apart from helping secure the future for Penryn RFC and the community that it serves, you’ll also develop transferable workplace skills such as project management or creative media. The club will support your development with access to formal training packages where suitable and access to like-minded volunteer professionals, who will be more than willing to help you develop new skills. Be there at the start, take the idea from conception to reality and watch the fruits of your labour benefit today and tomorrow’s generation. As an innovative and ground breaking club, we are open to revenue sharing opportunities if and when arise or were applicable. In other words create and share in our and your success!


For further information on the above please contact Trevor Howells Penryn Volunteer Coordinator 07802 850 00 or