Message from your FXU President Exeter re: UCU Industrial Action Vote

FXU President Exeter Dean Pomeroy

Hey everyone!
If you’re an Exeter Cornwall Campuses student, you should have received an email yesterday regarding a vote on FXU's stance on the UCU strikes. Thanks to everyone that has voted so far! If you haven’t yet, please do, here:

Contextual information:

As I’m sure you are aware, UCU strike action has been taking place over the last three weeks, and many University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses students have been impacted. 

An initial stance was arrived at between myself and your FXU President Community and Welfare, and your  FXU President Student Experience. Broadly, this was to support UCU’s cause, but that we couldn’t support strike action, due to the immediate impact to students. This is available in full here.

A summary of FXU’s actions so far is available here.

At our recently scheduled event, where representatives from Exeter and UCU presented information to students, followed by a discussion between University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses students, we received a strong indication from students that attended to change FXU’s stance.

As such, FXU is hosting a vote where all University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses students can state their stance on the UCU strikes - whether they support the cause and strike action, whether they support the cause but not the strike action, or whether they don’t support either. The link is available here.

We will take the results of this vote to the Leadership Team, to decide FXU’s policy moving forward.

We would also like to remind students that we are continually feeding back information around mitigation and welfare issues, and are working with the University and UCU to ensure that the student experience is the best it can be during this troubling time. We would strongly recommend students impacted take the following actions:

1) Vote upon this issue -

2) Email, outlining how you have been personally impacted

3) Attend the University drop-in session on Wednesday 14th March, in Daphne Du Maurier Tutorial R, from 12-2.30pm?

4) Book an appointment with the FXU Advice Team:


Please engage in this vote and help us to better represent you and your views.

I look forward to receiving your feedback and I’m available by email at

Many thanks,

Dean Pomeroy
FXU President Exeter 2017/18