Launch of Student Community Warden Scheme

Community Wardens

A new team of Student Community Wardens has been recruited to patrol residential areas of Falmouth, helping to support good community relations and neighbourly behaviour.

The students have been recruited by the Students’ Union for Falmouth University and the University of Exeter and the pilot programme is in partnership with the two universities.

After an intensive training programme, including a presence at the Falmouth ‘Community Awareness Visits’ (arranged by the universities), the Wardens will begin their patrols in the week commencing 15 October. The team will become familiar to residents in the coming week, particularly as they are wearing a green and grey uniform.

Three pairs of wardens have been employed to patrol some of the most densely populated student residential areas of Falmouth, with a particular focus on the Smithick Ward. Their roles demonstrate a more visual and collaborative approach to community relations, continuing to promote and support students as active citizens. It is hoped that the Student Community Warden Scheme will continue to encourage positive relationships between student and local residents, whilst also assisting the Town Council and other partners to improve the local environment and behaviour in residential areas.

The Wardens will offer support and advice on everything from bin days to housing and being a good neighbour. They will also be signposting to appropriate services, making sure residents have all of the information they need to get help and support. The times in which the Wardens work will vary to ensure they reach different residents.

Harry Bishop, Students’ Union President Community & Welfare said: “I strongly believe that a personal, face-to-face approach is the way forward and this new scheme will be proactive in removing these previous barriers between local and student residents. This will be an immensely positive step towards encouraging, and continuing to improve, community relations.”

It is hoped, pending its success, that the scheme will be expanded after its pilot year to include more areas within Falmouth and to also include Penryn and Mabe.

The Warden Scheme can be contacted on:

Community Wardens

Pictured above (credit Jasmine Cragg):

Back row, l-r: Harry Bishop (FXU President Welfare & Community), Rob Greensmith (FXPlus Head of Security), Joff Cooke (FXU Chief Executive Officer), Mayor Grenville Chappel of Falmouth, Richard Wilkins (FXPlus Private Sector Liaison Officer), Rose Hitchens-Todd (FXU Community Partnership Manager), Richard Scrase (FXU Advice Director), Tony Eyles (FXPlus Head of Accommodation Services), Hayley Rowley (FXU Activities Director), Sarah Forbes (Community Resident Falmouth Smithick Ward)

 From row, l-r: Vaida Saulyte (Student Falmouth University, Community Warden), Elyse Emanuel (Student University of Exeter, Community Warden), Charlie Maw (Student Falmouth University, Community Warden), Rachael Byrne (Student University of Exeter, Community Warden), James Heslington (Student University of Exeter, Community Warden), Rachel Lewis (Student University of Exeter, Community Warden)