Join the RAD family

Join the RAD family

Are you RAD? Join the RAD Committee for 2018/19.

We are hugely excited to begin the recruitment process for RAD. We have had a brilliant year and are on the lookout out for a shiny new committee! RAD has had a huge year where we have smashed all our previous fundraising targets for pretty much everything and are excited for fresh new faces to come and bring their experience and skills to the table.

Please take a look at all of the positions that we have available. To apply, please send us an email that answers these questions:

  • What experience, skills or general awesomeness do you possess that makes you the best person for this job? When answering this make sure to give examples of things you may have done in the past to provide evidence for your awesomeness, such as previous work experience, links to projects/events work that you have done/been apart of before, training, course related skills etc.
  • What would you like to do in and with your role? Think of this question as a mini manifesto of what you would like to achieve in this role. Set yourself objectives and targets or talk about ideas that you would like to bring to the table, giving details about how you might go about achieving these. Don't worry about going crazy with detailed plans, we just want a basic understanding of what you’re thinking.
  • Why RAD? This question is for you and for us! We’d like to know why you’re interested in being part of RAD to help create a cohesive committee, but also so we know what it is about RAD that attracts amazing people like you to carry the work forward.

Our email:

Please apply before 5pm Friday 18 May.

If you are worried about your lack of experience with a role, all we are mostly looking for is someone who is willing to learn and put the effort in to help raise a shedload of money and awareness. If you do have any concerns please either talk to anyone on the current committee, Harry Bishop or Rose Hitchens-Todd, FXU's Community and Partnerships Manager (who can be found 9-11.30 in the FXU office). We are all a really friendly bunch. Or just message us anyway, all of us are more than happy to look at your applications and talk through your ideas before you submit.

Emails of those people you may want to contact:

  • Callie (President):
  • Harry (Community & Welfare President):
  • Rose (Community Partnership Manager):
  • RAD’s Facebook:

RAD Committee positions

All committee members will be expected to attend one meeting a week to update on progress with projects and events. All roles are expected to take up at least two hours a week or more, depending on your enthusiasm and proximity to projects/events.


It will be your role is to oversee the general running of RAD and to be in charge of setting the RAD team clear objectives that will achieve big fundraising goals. In order to do this you should have a clear vision for RAD’s yearly calendar of fundraising events and projects, ensuring that all officers and your vice presidents are working to schedule and happy. In this role organisation skills are key; you will need to be a confident, inspiring leader who will motivate the RAD team to achieve their best while having the best interests of student fundraising at your heart.

Common duties:

  • Running weekly meetings (in rotation with vice presidents)
  • Keeping the FXU Community Partnership Manager updated on RAD activities
  • Organising reflections and evaluations for activities and progress

This role may involve an interview depending on the number of applications.


As a Vice-President you will be in charge of supporting your officers in their roles and you will be expected to have a good understanding of what is happening in RAD and have good communication skills. You should be a confident leader and be a positive problem solver as you will be helping support the President with the continuous development of RAD’s fundraising and other officers in their roles.

VP Events

As the events Vice-President you will be in charge of overseeing RAD’s activities. This involves keeping tabs on the events, marketing and volunteer officers.

VP Adventures

As the Adventures Vice-Presidents you will be in charge of overseeing RAD’s off-campus activities, such as the Challenges and Hitch events

Hitch Officers x 2

In this role you will be expected to run two hitchhike events, such as LOST, Jailbreak, or a Race2 (one per semester). You will be required to organise everything from the risk assessments to travel arrangements for participants, run safety briefings etc. These roles require strong organisation and time management skills, as you will be running events that are predicted to raise £2,500+ and are an important part of RAD’s identity. Having experience with event management is very much likely to help you with this role, however you will be fully supported with organisation documents from previous hitch events, as well as by FXU and the RAD team throughout the organisation process.

Events Officer

RAD hosts a number of events throughout the year and needs a team member with a background in event management who is competent and confident in managing and leading event teams. Due to RAD’s increasing size you will not be required to run all of the events yourself, but rather you will work closely with the President and VP Events closely to come up with a creative calendar of events at the beginning of the year in order for you to oversee recruitment of teams for whom you will manage.

Design Officer

As RAD is becoming more and more visible to the student community we are looking for a designer who would have full control of RAD’s promotional materials. We are looking for someone who has strong graphic design skills to help professionally unite our marketing materials. We are looking for anyone with a flair for design who is interested in giving this role a go, no matter what your experience. This is an unpaid role and because of this the workload will be kept to an absolute minimum with only marketing materials for our core events and branding needing to be designed.

Marketing Officer

In this role you will be working with all members of the committee to oversee the promotion of our projects and events. You will be expected to maintain and update our Facebook page and the FXU website as well as potentially start a monthly email that will be sent to members. Therefore we are looking for someone with a good working knowledge of social media management who will be creative and fun with our page.

Recruitment & Wellbeing Officer

One of the key issues we have found as a society is that students want to get involved with RAD but don't know how. Therefore, next year, we want to launch a rep system. A RAD REP position is designed to be a smaller, one off, voluntary position that is less commitment than a full-time position. A rep would be expected to help with a one-off task from event organisation, campaign management etc. For this role it will be your job to recruit these Reps and keep tabs on the welling being of everyone involved with RAD, including the committee itself. It is because of this that it would be your responsibility to organise socials. We are looking for someone who is confident with networking to help recruit and persuade students to sign up to be reps.

Challenge Officers x 2

RAD runs five national and international challenges a year. These challenges can be anything from marathon running to climbing volcanoes and they are usually abroad. In this role it will be your decision to chose these challenges, liaise with the charities that run them, recruit Challenge Leaders and help the leaders recruit participants. Overall you will need strong communication and organisation skills to keep tabs on these challenges and tons of enthusiasm to pour into recruitment. Between the two of you, you will look after either two or three challenges each and keep tabs on their progress over the academic year, supporting the leaders and communicating with the charities on struggles and successes. The application process will be decided by the current President, Vice Presidents, the Community and Welfare President and the FXU Community Partnerships Manager. The President will be selected first, who will then be invited to help select the new committee.

Want to be a part of RAD but don't want a full-time position?

Over the summer and throughout September we will be recruiting for Reps to provide one-off help with challenges, activities, projects and events. If you would be interested in a smaller role with RAD, please get in touch with us to register your interest by emailing or mesaging us on our Facebook page.