Highlight Art Fair

Highlight- Stallholders from students across multiple academic departments

Saturday 3rd December saw the launch of 'Highlight Art Fair' a showcase of student work across multiple academic departments from Falmouth University. The first large-scale event in the newly refurbished Falmouth Campus Refectory, students warmly welcomed students and members of the community into the space to have the opportunity to buy work in the build up to Christmas.

Successfully organised by Falmouth School of Art students, Lucy Rivers and Meg Fatherly in collaboration with FXU President Falmouth, Chris Slesser the event complimented a manifesto commitment to provide a platform to showcase and sell student work as well as a commitment to utilise the Falmouth Campus space more so than in previous years. The space was filled to capacity at points, as the community welcomed the opportunity to be welcomed into the University environment and experience all that student's had to offer.

The long-term goal of this fair is to become a regular occurrence and to create a future funding pot to incubate students stall-holding and entrepreneurial practice, complimentary to their creative practice. FXU President, Chris Slesser remarked "This event holds a lot of potential to give student's a method of income generation alongside personal development aligned to the reason the majority choose to study here, to be absorbed in their practice. Many students already host and get involved with local art fairs and I want to be able to support and present the opportunity to develop what students already do in a nurturing, supportive environment."