Generation Wild receive £500 Step-Up Fund

Generation Wild successfully applied to FXU's Step-Up Fund for further training. They have received £500 for Jenny Lawrie (Project Leader) to complete the Forest School Programme Leadership Level 3 Certification.

Jenny's report

Through the Forest School Level 3 Leadership Programme (supported by the generous contribution from the Step-Up Fund) I have been able to develop skills that have benefited myself and the student-led volunteer project Generation Wild. This Forest School course commenced in October 2017 and will be completed in October 2018. Although this is a year-long programme, I have already attended training weeks where I have gained valuable skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork and decision making. Because of this training, I now feel far more confident leading groups outdoors. I also have a far greater awareness of the needs of learners (particularly in relation to Maslow’s Hierarchy) and how these needs can greatly impact a learner’s ability to take in information.

As Project Leader for Generation Wild (the student-led environmental education project), this course has enabled me to deliver high-quality training for our student volunteers, enabling them to feel more confident taking charge of outdoor educational activities and thus providing them with greater opportunities to gain communication and leadership skills. Furthermore, I have learned how to maintain a safe and engaging outdoor environment, which has enabled me to lead eight outdoor outreach sessions at local schools in the past two months, as well as a school trip here on Penryn Campus where the children learned about sustainable living. This has strengthened the university’s relationship with the local community and provided more opportunities to inspire children through nature.

Generation Wild Step-Up Fund

During the training week we were encouraged to reflect on the benefits of outdoor learning and to critically review current research into this field. This has given me perspective on the positive impacts that our outreach sessions have on both the children and our volunteers. This greater understanding has motivated me to continue the growth of our project within the community and build further connections with other student groups so that more students can benefit through volunteering. We have delivered three collaborative sessions in the past three weeks and we have many more planned over the coming months.

Lastly, the training programme has also supplied me with the skills to deliver new activities. From fire-lighting, to natural crafts, to woodland management, we have now begun to incorporate these activities within our outreach sessions. This has enabled Generation Wild to expand its repertoire of activities, and means that we produce less waste as we now use more natural resources instead of art and craft materials.

Generation Wild Step-Up Fund

I would like to thank the Step-Up Fund panel for their generosity with this funding, as this Forest School programme has greatly benefited myself and will go on to benefit Generation Wild, student volunteers and the local community.

Step-Up Fund

What is the Step-Up Fund?

This fund is to support students looking to undertake essential training that will enable their community project/FXU Affiliated Group to operate safely or at a higher level. In exchange for the funding individuals will ‘pay it back’ in volunteer hours.

A year’s funding has been secured from the Annual Fund and this is to support the Step-Up funding Scheme. This has been set up as a result of student feedback and the desire to take student extra-curricular activities to the next level, which previously had not been possible due to limited funding.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to all students from University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses and Falmouth University. You must be able to demonstrate how the training will positively impact the student population or wider community. Community Volunteers will be considered with a community partner reference. The fund is predominantly aimed at first and second year students (those graduating in July 2018 or later). Third year student applications will be considered but may not qualify with limited time to demonstrate how they will ‘pay it back’ in benefit to others.

What can you apply for?

The Step-Up Funding Scheme can be accessed to support specialist training that will enhance the safety and/or performance of a community project/FXU Affiliated Group that is NOT currently on offer through FXU. Courses may include, but are not limited to; Health & Safety (above basic level); Safeguarding Level 2; Accessibility; Coaching Courses; Officiating courses and Media Training. Students can request up to £500 to fully or part-fund the training requested. The panel may consider a greater contribution in special circumstances.

How can you apply?

Complete the application form and return it to FXU.

Application deadlines:

Spring Term – Friday 10 March
Summer Term – Friday 12 May
Autumn Term – Applications for any remaining funds can be submitted throughout the term, however any training must be completed by December 2017.

We understand that proposals and bids for funding are not something that everyone has experience with but it is a brilliant skill to gain. To help you make the most of this opportunity we are more than happy to assist anyone that has difficulty in filling out the application form or would just like some general guidance on how to do so. Please send your completed application to for consideration.

Click here for more information and an application form.