Believe and Do Good

Students from FXU's Islamic Society have been performing acts of creative good, volunteering as part of a national Believe and Do Good campaign.

Believe and Do Good is a campaign that is based on many references from the Quran to the immense reward awaiting those who believe and do good deeds. During the month of February, Islamic societies around the UK organise a group of events to help the local community.

Throughout the month, FXU’s ISoc have carried out beach cleans, led a spit sample donation for bone marrow on campus (and registered over 40 students), Blood donation register, collected food and clothing for the local community and volunteered at Penryn Memory Café.

Hussein Ali at Penryn Memory Cafe

Hussein Ali (Vice-President) giving out roses at the Penryn Memory Cafe

Sajjad Jabarkhel, FXU Islamic Society president: “Believe and Do Good campaign was one of the best projects I have ever worked on. The feeling of helping others regardless of their faith and not expecting anything in return is unreal cannot be expressed. We achieved a lot through this campaign, by collaborating with other societies and giving our volunteers a chance and a platform to help others and build a network with the local community. We managed to attend a beach clean with the Pagan Society and the Beach Clean Society, registered students for blood donation, collected two trollies of food and clothes from Glasney Village, also boxes were placed around campus for collection, we visited Falmouth memory café twice and worked with lots of volunteers. The entire purpose of BADG month was to give back to our local community and appreciate their efforts throughout the year. On behalf of the FXU Islamic Society, I would like to thank FXU and our volunteers for supporting us throughout the campaign.”

Hussein and Sajjad food collection

Hussein and Sajjad with food collected for the local church

On Valentine’s Day the student-led group was joined by Zara Mohammed, President of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), and handed out free roses, fruit, tea and coffee to students.

Chris Slesser and Zara Mohammed

Chris Slesser (FXU President Falmouth) and Zara Mohammed (FOSIS President)

Zara Mohammed, President of FOSIS: “It’s such a dream to come to Cornwall and spend time with FXU’s Islamic Society. We talk about them a lot on the circuit and we’re so impressed with how much they’ve achieved in a short time. It’s hard for them to get to a lot of conferences due to location but they always make the effort.”

“FXU’s Islamic Society is a society close to my heart and an inspiration to the Islamic community. They’re a small group of Muslim students that have taken not only the Believe and Do Good campaign but their faith on campus to build the student community and create positive change. It’s a pleasure to be here with them and I’m so proud of all their achievements.”