FXU Freshers 2016

FXU Freshers 2016

Congratulations to everyone who has secured a place with Falmouth University and University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses for 2016-17. We can't wait to meet you all over the Freshers' period and we've got plenty of amazing events to introduce you to your new home.

Don't forget to join us and your fellow Freshers on social media!  Stay up to date with the latest info and Freshers updates at FXU Freshers 2016 Facebook page.


Freshers Events and Wristbands 2016

Pop over to our Freshers Events page for the full Freshers line-up and wristband and FestiFAL pack info.  You can also check out what went down last year by watching the FXU Freshers 2015 video below:



FXU Freshers 2015 from FXU on Vimeo.


FXU Presidents 2016-17

The student voice is at the heart of everything we do! Your elected representatives are there to listen to you and speak on your behalf to the universities and other institutional bodies; they work hard to ensure your voice is heard.  Find out more about what your Presidents do for you by clicking on their job titles below:

FXU President Falmouth
FXU President Exeter
FXU President Community & Welfare
FXU President Student Experience


Stay in touch

Got a question before you arrive? Drop us an email, give us a call, ping us a message on Facebook or tweet us - we're everywhere! We also love seeing your photos during Freshers and beyond, so be sure to tag us on Instagram too.

Email: info@fxu.org.uk
Telephone: 01326 255861
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FXUnion
Twitter: @FXUtweet
Instagram: @fxu_insta