GfGD London Conference

GfGD London Conference

Thursday 02 November 2017
9am - midnight

The conference is taking place on the 3rd of November at Burlington House in London. We'll be travelling up the day before (on the 2nd) by coach from Penryn Campus, staying overnight in a hostel before attending the conference on the 3rd and getting the coach back the same day over night.

Tickets are £22.00 for transport, accommodation and conference entrance. Please buy your tickets by dropping into FXU or following this link: 

The theme for this year’s conference is "Cities: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Development". Covering the following topics: ‘Resilience to Environmental Shocks in Cities’, ‘Resourcing Future Cities’, and ‘Cities and Sustainable Development’

There is a wide range of speakers, including ones from the: Department of Environmental Science and Policy UCL, Overseas Development Institute, Urban Geoscience Department at BGS and Representatives from ‘Cities of Interest’, which include: Los Angeles, Ouro Preto (Brazil) and Tianshui City (Gansu Province, China).

Alongside the talks and seminars, it’s also a great opportunity to networ
k, meet like-minded people and get involved with projects! We had a great time last year, learnt lots and really enjoyed the whole experience.

More information on the event and a programme of speakers can be found on the GfGD website: