Watch The Skies

Watch The Skies

Saturday 25 November 2017
Daphne Du Maurier, Seminar K
9am - 6pm

The year is 2025, all of the conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs are in fact true. You know this as important government leaders from around the world. But the general public do not know this yet. Welcome to Watch The Skies.

You as the players will be taking the roles of Prime Ministers and Presidents. Diplomats, Generals and Scientists. During the game you will have to deal with the world crises of wars, earthquakes and diseases, while also having to deal with an increasing UFO menace without causing world-wide panic and terror.

In the game you will be making treaties and deals with other teams- attempting to increase the wealth and power of your own country and possibly getting into conflicts with your armed forces. The game is all about how you interact with the other teams.

The important thing will be to make sure that your country is safe, secure and does well.

 Everybody will be grouped into teams, with each team taking the role of one of the governments of earth, plus a team representing the world's news media.
There will also be one mysterious team of aliens from another world.

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