Frazzled Cafe

Frazzled Cafe

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Outside FXU, Penryn Campus
1pm - 4pm

Frazzled Café

Drop-in with Harry Bishop, your Students’ Union President Community & Welfare, and guests

Sometimes you might just feel a little frazzled and need a place to go and rant, drink some tea, or just get away from it all for a bit. That’s where we come in.

Frazzled Café is a place to come and talk about whatever you want in a safe and welcoming environment.

Today's special guest: Julia Gregory, Head of Wellbeing and Inclusion

The Wellbeing team have two main types of support: counselling and mental health. Our counsellors offer confidential support for students experiencing difficulties with their emotional wellbeing and our Mental Health team can provide expert advice and support on a range of mental health difficulties.