FXU Community Committee

Be a part of something big


FXU has a brand new committee, the Community Committee! Being involved in the community doesn’t just mean street parties, litter picking and neighbourhood watch.


It means making real change to our relationship with the local community. We want to prove to our community that students care about Cornwall by demonstrating the amazing contribution that students make.


Students do some amazing things in their spare time, like leading in the creative industries, producing internationally renowned research, competing nationally in sports, providing employability benefits through societies, fundraising, volunteering, and so much more.


Last year, students volunteered over 9,000 hours across Cornwall, like the Beach Clean Project which has dedicated itself to keeping Cornish beaches clean, making real impact by not only cleaning our coastline but by collecting data and helping to prevent long last environmental damage.


Students fundraised over £80,000 for a variety of charity locally and nationally and were recognised nationally at the RAG (Raise and Give) Awards 2017 where they were shortlisted for ‘RAG of the Year’.


But students aren’t always perfectly behaved and there’s a lot more we could be doing to help work with, and not against, our local community.


This is about having difficult conversations concerning students studying in Cornwall, discussing this idea that students don’t care about Cornwall and ways we can help improve that image, producing quality research, and organising important events and campaigns in the community to reach out and hear what local residents think.


This committee will be made up of 50% local residents and 50% students, the first time external members have ever sat on an FXU committee.


How to become a member of the Community Committee


Simply download the  Community-Committee-application-form- then complete the form and email it to harry.bishop@fxu.org.uk 

The deadline for applications is Friday 20th October.