A day in the life of


A Day In The Life Of...

Aim of the Scheme


The ‘Day in the life of…’ scheme aims to provide students the opportunity to be paired up with staff from the University of Exeter, Falmouth University, FX Plus and FXU so as to gain

a better understanding of each other’s day-to-day lives. Taking part in this scheme can help raise awareness

and bring about positive change by developing further collaboration between all students and staff on our campuses.


How does it work? 


Students and staff will need to complete a short application form (available on the FXU website) and are paired as best possible on their interests. FXU will provide participants with guidance and support on the best ways to set up shadowing and get the best out of the experience.


The applicants will shadow their partners for the equivalent of a full day; students can experience shadowing staff at high-level meetings and the day-to-day life of a manager, whilst staff get to experience attending lectures, club/ society activities and the other day-to-day aspects of a student’s life.


Once completing the day, we encourage all participants to write/ film a blog on their experience – FXU are happy to help with this!


How to apply

Click here and complete the form