Start a Activity Group

Step 1

Ensure that there is not already a club/society organising the same or a similar activity and figure out what your proposed group will be:

  • Society  Any group that wishes to provide an environment for like-minded people to meet and enjoy their passions, including: performance arts and music; course-related; faith; hobbies and specialist interest; student media; representation and liberation.
  • Club - Any sports or physical activities, including: team sports; dance; outdoor pursuits; indoor and outdoor sport; martial arts and water-based activities. 
  • Charity groups and student-led projects: Any group established for the purpose of fundraising or raising the profile for a charity or community project. If your group sounds like it could be one of these, it is then managed by and needs to be set up in a different way. More info can be found here.

Step 2


Proposal Form

Step 3

Form a committee who will run the society or club. A committee should consist of at least three people, usually made up of a President/Captain, Treasurer and Secretary, all of which must be current students.

Step 4

Attract potential members to support the proposal. We suggest approx 10-15 people initially, depending on the nature of the activity and the costs involved.

Step 6

Return your proposal form to FXU.

Your proposal will then be submitted for consideration to the FXU Sports and Societies Committee and FXU Sports and Societies Forum where a vote is held to pass the club/society proposal and to allow affiliation to FXU.

Step 6

Arrange a meeting with either the FXU Sports Manager (email  or FXU Societies Administrator (email to discuss the next steps, which include completing essential health and safety requirements (risk assessments, codes of conducts and constitutions). The Manager will also help you complete a budget proposal and discuss possible funding opportunities.


Template Constitution

Societies Budget Proposal

Club Budget Proposal

Blank Risk Assessment Form

Code of Conduct