Budgets & Inventory

FXU has a sum of money available for our Activity Groups. In order for FXU to allocate its funding, we require a completed budget proposal for each Activity Group. Please provide as much detail to support your proposal about your Activities for the year ahead. If your proposal is poorly completed this could be detrimental to the funding of your group, you may risk not being able to access financial assistance when you require it.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the FXU Activities Team.

Sports Club Budget Proposal

Society Budget Proposal

At the end of each academic year you are required to return all equipment for storage and safe keeping. Please arrange a time in advance to go through this with a member of staff. We require an up to date list of equipment that FXU sends to our insurers, if it is not on the list it is not insured. We understand that some groups use external providers to store equipment, please arrange a time with a member of staff to meet at the location to check through the inventory and that equipment is stored safely.

Inventory Blank Template

Once both documents are completed, please send to activitiesteam@fxu.org.uk