Charity of the Year

Students at Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union lend their support to Alzheimer’s Society.

Raise and Donate (RAD), the main fundraising group at Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU), is uniting against dementia, having announced that Alzheimer’s Society will be their chosen charity of the year.

With a series of fundraising events planned throughout the academic year, the students involved are keen to do all they can for a charity that’s close to many of their hearts.

20-year-old Sarah Redman, RAD Vice-President, said: “Many of the group are touched by dementia in one way or another. A lot of us have personal experience of it. That’s why we felt very strongly that we wanted to support the work of Alzheimer’s Society by choosing them as our charity of the year.

“My aunt Eileen died of Alzheimer’s disease when I was very young. I don’t remember her but I do remember going to see my other aunt, Madge, who also had Alzheimer’s. My dad tried to talk to her but he got no response; he even touched her hand but there was still nothing. He told me that she would’ve loved me very much, as she loved children and was an infant head teacher but never had children herself. She was no longer there when I went to visit her. I wish I could remember her as she was before she had Alzheimer’s.

“My Dad’s now getting old, he’s 70, and I already notice he has difficulty sometimes with finding his words and he’s not as sharp, mentally, as he used to be. I worry about what the future’s going to bring. I’d like him to be there mentally until the very end but who knows? Our family history doesn’t bode well.

“I’m already an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friend, so I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about dementia and how it affects people. I’m excited to support such an amazing charity. I hope our support helps to improve the care for those affected and looks for a solution for the future.”

The group are hoping to organise a series of events which aim to raise £5,000 for the charity. Alzheimer’s Society is urging everyone to come together and unite against dementia.

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