FXU President Student Experience

FXU President Student Experience

Hi everyone! I’m Amanda (sometimes known as Panda) and it’s my job to represent you on all things fun — that means sports, societies and sustainability! FXU have over 120 sports clubs and societies for you to get involved with and it’s fair to say they cover a wide variety of activities. We have everything from traditional sports like hockey, athletics and football, to a huge variety of societies from music groups to political societies – and it doesn’t stop there! With martial arts to academic societies; performance groups to water based sports clubs; quirkier groups like Quidditch and Harry Potter Society — whatever you fancy doing, I guarantee FXU can help you find the group of students who are keen to meet you and get you involved!

The best bit is everything we offer is student-led, so if you don’t think your needs are catered for then get in touch and you can
be the next leader of a brand new club or society! I also have the privilege of helping students run sustainability projects, schemes and campaigns. Last year was huge for all things green on our campuses and I want to help everyone make this year even more successful. FXU have pots of money you can apply for so if you have an idea you want to make a reality, then drop me a message (or tweet) and I’ll see how we can help!

As well as all the above I’m also your main link to both Universities for all things commercial services - so any queries or feedback you have about campus shops, bars, the gym or facilities then please let me know. It’s important that your opinions are heard so any feedback on the campus environment is always welcome!

Basically, I’m here to help you get involved, so any idea (big or small) please come and see me and let’s get started! 

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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Falmouth Campus – Manifesto Commitments and Progress

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Roles and responsibilities

  • Societies
  • Sports clubs and BUCS
  • Elections
  • Widening Participation in Societies and Liberation
  • Sustainability
  • Facilities including student accommodation
  • Liaise with Falmouth Exeter Plus on areas including sport & recreation, IT, bar, shop & ents, Estates and the Library

Stay connected

Facebook /amanda.fxu 

Twitter @FXU_Experience

Email amanda.cc@fxu.org.uk

Don't forget, you're always welcome to visit the FXU office for a chat and a cuppa.