FXU Presidents 2018-19

FXU Presidents left to right: President Falmouth – Callie Edwards, President Student Experience – Sarah Redman, President Community & Welfare – Harry Bishop, President Exeter – Izi Robe.

FXU Presidents 2018-19

FXU represents you (Students at Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses). The student voice is at the heart of everything we do! Although we are quite a small SU, we have one of the highest levels of student participation in the country. Your elected FXU (Sabbatical) Presidents are there to listen to you and speak on your behalf to the University and other institutional bodies. They work hard to ensure your voice is heard!


There are four FXU Presidents

Find out more about your four FXU Presidents and their roles by clicking the links below:

FXU Presidents are full time paid positions that students can undertake either at the end of their studies or during a year out.


Find out more

If you want to find out more about the FXU President roles email studentvoice@fxu.org.uk or pop into the FXU office for a chat.