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At FXU we believe in supporting you through your student journey.

A key part of unlocking your potential is balancing work and play. We've got the Exeter President and Falmouth President to embrace the work side. For the play we've got Vice-President Participation, full of varied opportunities. But to enable this balance to be successful, you've got to be healthy inside and out. So here are some top tips for good mental health from Vice-President Welfare:

Mental health, the same as physical health, is variable. Sometimes life presents very stressful situations; without the right skills to cope it can damage your mental health. Just the same as an avalanche of rocks would bruise your skin, an avalanche of work can bruise how you feel internally. Lots of things have the potential to impact negatively on your mental health, such as stress, alcohol, homesickness and bad weather. But no fear! The same as lifting weights improves your ability to lift those rocks, there are some simple exercises to beef up your mental resilience.

  1. Calm breathing exercise
  2. Be willing to talk to someone
  3. Designate time to being outside.

There are also places to seek support:

  • Living Support - student friendly responsive team helping with day to day situations
  • Counselling - it's not just about how you feel! Talking anything through can really help
  • Multifaith Chaplincy - a great team of listeners who are independent from the university and won't preach about faith
  • FXU advice - available to help with housing, financial and legal advice.

Support for Exeter students

Support for Falmouth students


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